The PX-5S Arpeggiator as a Sound Design Tool

The PX-5S has a very powerful programmable arpeggiator.  There are actually 4 of them, one for each Zone.  One of the unique things the arpeggiator can do is send controller information in addition to or instead of notes. So if you every find yourself in a situation where you need a sound to pan left and right, or the filter to sweep in tempo the arpeggiator can do the trick.
Press and HOLD the Arpeggio button on the PX-5S to bring up the arpeggio menu.  Press the EDIT button and you’ll see this.

Select the Parameter Menu.  Here you can change the number of Steps and the length of each step. Scroll down and then you’ll find the option for Controller data.


Here you can set the Control Track to ONLY.  This means that the arpeggiator won’t play repeated notes it will just send controller information.  In the Control Type you can choose which controller you’re sending.  If you scroll down one step further you’ll see the option to SMOOTH controller events.  Rather than jumping from one step to the next, the PX-5S can smoothly move from one value to the other.

Next press EXIT and go to the STEP EDIT menu.

You can use KNOB 4 to set the Controller value for each Step.  The Zone -/+ buttons allow you to move between each step.

Here is one application for this.  In an electric piano sound I wanted the DSP effect to be distortion for an electric piano sound.  I still wanted the Stereo Panning effect that is typical of a rhodes.  The Arpeggiator saves the day.  You can download this example here – http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/files/file/17-roadz-panamp/



Privia PX-5S, Classical Music Demo

Privia PX-5S Layout for MIDI Designer iPhone and iPad

We just couldn’t help ourselves.  MIDI Designer is such an amazing program that we couldn’t resist making layouts which control the PX-5S.   We’ve done layouts for both the iPhone (iPod touch) and the iPad. These can be download from the downloads section at Casio Music Forums. These layouts gives you control over Zone volume, filters, effects mix, and even some Hex Layer control allowing you to use the physical knobs and sliders on the PX-5S for other things. 


These layouts do work on the FREE Lite version of MIDI Designer.  You do however get a panel which you have to slide out of the way to access some controls.  The full version is well worth its price.

The iPhone version was created using an iPhone 5.  We will check it soon on the smaller screen of an iPhone 4 and make some adjustments.  While the iPad version is all laid out on one screen, the iPhone version is split between 3 banks and several pages but all of the same control is available.



Privia PX-5S Patch Script for Cubase

Using any instrument with a DAW can be challenging if the DAW doesn’t have a list of bank and program changes for your device.  We just completed the patch script for the Privia PX-5S for Cubase.   You can download the file from Casio Music Forums here: http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/files/file/246-privia-px-5s-cubase-patch-script/

 Once you have the text file you need to install it in the appropriate location so Cubase can see it.

  • Mac OS X
    “/Users/<your username>/Library/Preferences/Cubase/Scripts/Patchnames”
  • PC Windows Vista and Windows 7, Windows 8
    “System drive \Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase\Scripts\Patchnames
  • PC Windows XP
    “System drive \Documents and Settings\<your username>\Application data\Steinberg\Cubase\Scripts\Patchnames

In order to get to the folder on Windows you may have to enable the view for hidden folders in your control panel.

Once the text file is in place, go the Devices menu in Cubase.   Choose the MIDI Device Manager and choose Install Device.  Choose the Privia PX-5S from the list and you’re all set. 


New Vintage Keys Set by Dave Weiser

<p>Sound Designer Dave Weiser has just completed a set of Vintage Keyboard sounds for the PX-5S.  Dave is great at creating sounds that match the style of classic songs and recordings.  This set features clavs, rhodes, wurlizters and even some pianets.   These sounds area available for download at http://www.casiomusicforums.com and audio demos are here below:</p><p></p>

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