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PX-5S Facebook Users Group

Looking for more information on how to use your PX-5S?  Join the Facebook users group, started by PX-5S owner Scott Hamlin.  It is a great community of users that share tips, tricks, sounds, pictures, videos and more.  Look forward to seeing you there.   https://www.facebook.com/groups/Casio.Px5s/


PX-5S Drum Editing

The Privia PX-5S is much more than a Stage Piano.  If you’re heard the lush textures and pads that are generated by Hex Layers and other tools like the arpeggiator then you may have an idea of how deep the synthesizer side of the PX-5S really is.  What you may not be aware of is the power that is lurking within the drum sounds.
The PX-5S allows you to edit and create your own drum kits.  For each key you can from any of the 272 drum samples on board. Once you’ve chosen the drum sample this is where things really get interesting. 
First each drum has the ability to be tuned +/- 24 steps.  Dropping a conga or other drum sound up or down two octaves can make it anywhere from a high pitched click to a subsonic boom. Furthermore you there is a Pitch Envelope that can cause the pitch of the drum to change over time.  Looking for some unique electronic drums this is a great place to start.Image

The other powerful tool is that each drum has it’s own resonant low pass filter and filter envelope.  Crank up the resonance and close the filter…sonic mayhem awaits. Image
Last, but certainly not least are the effects. Like other tones on the PX-5S a drum kit gets its own insert effect.  This means that delays, disortions and other effects are are available and you can choose for each drum whether they use the DSP effect or not. 
Not into creating your own sounds?  Not to worry.  Audio examples and downloadable drum kits are coming very soon.