Fresh Sounds

If you’ve been over to http://www.casiomusicforums.com recently, you’ll see that there is a new Downloads section. As of today, there have been just under 1,000 downloads. So if you haven’t been over there, you’re missing out on the flexibility and diversity of the PX-5S. So once you download some sounds, how do you load them in? There are two ways.

The first way involves using the USB storage on the PX-5S. Take the files you’ve downloaded and put them on a USB drive. They must go in a folder called MUSICDAT. Then, press and HOLD the MEDIA button. It’s the button that is also labeled Audio Recorder. From here, the screen will display an option to LOAD and you can choose the type of file you want to load. When you select your file, also make certain to change the location of where this file will go. Not to worry, if you accidentally replace a Stage Setting, all the originals are also in the Downloads section of the forum.

The other way to load in the new sounds or Stage Settings is using the Data Editor. The Data Editor features a handy TRANSFER window that lets you drag and drop tones or Stage Settings where you need them. The only trick is putting the files that you’ve downloaded in the right place. To find out where you need to put them, check the Preferences tab in the Data Editor because it’s different for Mac and PC.

Enjoy the sounds.


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