PX-5S Firmware Update

The PX-5S v1.10 Firmware update will be releasing soon. Here is what you need to know about the update procedure.

The update file will be posted on the Casio.com site, we will also link it here.

Before doing anything, we recommend that you save any custom sounds or Stage Settings. I recommend that you save these individually, not an “ALL File”. Since most of the Stage Settings have been tweaked and updated slightly if you load in your ALL File after updating you won’t be taking advantage of the new Stage Settings.

Once you’ve downloaded the “update.bin” file, put it in the root folder of a USB drive. Press the System Settings button and scroll down to INFORMATION.

From here you’ll find the UPDATE FIRMWARE dialog.

The update takes about 8 minutes to complete. It is important not to touch the PX-5S, unplug or interrupt this process in any way until it is done. Once it is done, we recommend that you do an INITIALIZE ALL to make sure that the PX-5S is reset to the new defaults associated with the v1.10 firmware. Then you can load back in any of your custom tones or Stage Settings.


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