Electric Pianos on the PX-5S

One of the big new features of the PX-5S are the new vintage electric pianos and clavs.  The Stage Settings on the PX-5S are organized so they’re easy to find.  If it ends on x-1, it is a Rhodes type electric piano.  x-2 is likely a wurlitzer and x-4 is a clav.  As you explore the stage settings on the PX-5S you’ll find that there is some amazing control over these sounds.  Distortion, speaker models, tone control, effects are assigned to sliders and knobs  allowing you to get remarkable variety very easily.
To make it easier Casio provided some consistency in the slider and knob assignments for these sounds.  For the typical electric piano sound or clav the slider assignments will work like this:
Slider 1:  Distortion amount
Slider 2:  Amp/Speaker Choice
Slider 3: Speaker Tone Control
Slider 4: Chorus
Slider 5: Delay
Slider 6: Reverb
Generally speaking the knobs are EQ but on some sounds you’ll find some variation here.



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