Creating a Quick Layer on the PX-5S

The Stage Settings on the PX-5S has many multi-zone setups already created but there are times when you may just want to quickly add a zone without going into the edit menu.  Luckily this can easily be done.  

The screen on the PX-5S gives you a lot of information.  It shows the selected stage setting, and the tone used on the current zone.  To the left of the display you’ll find Zone -/+ buttons.  If you press the Zone + button you’ll now be looking at the next zone which as you can see in the picture below shows strings.  It also shows Z2: Off  meaning Zone 2 is turned off. Image

From here you can choose any tone from any category on the top left of the keyboard.  To activate the current zone press both the Zone – and Zone + buttons at the same time.

That’s it now you’ve created a quick layer.  



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