Stage Settings on the PX-5S

STAGE SETTINGS are the performance ready configurations that you’ll use when you play the PX-5S live.


The Stage Setting contains the setup information for up to 4 zones, the sounds and key ranges and also determines the function of all knobs, sliders and pedals. The PX-5S has 10 banks of 10 stage settings and they’re arranged as follows:

X-0 Acoustic Pianos / Layered pianos
X-1 Tine Pianos
X-2 Reed Pianos
X-3 Synth
X-4 Clav
X-5 Strings / Orchestra
X-6 Organ
X-7 HexLayer
X-8 Arpeggiated
X-9 Phrases / Drums

This means that within each bank you can experience a little bit of everything that the PX-5S has to offer.


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