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Casio PX-5S at SXSW

We are all set up to demo the PX-5S at SXSW. Hope to see tou




Stage Settings – Everything is Included

One rather amazing thing about the PX-5S is that everything is included within the Stage Setting.  What do we mean by that?  On many keyboards if you want to change a tone that is used in a “Performance” you have to leave the “Performance” change the tone, save the tone go back to the “Performance” and change your zone to use this new sound.


The PX-5S solves this in a few different ways.  First, you can edit the tone from within the Stage Setting.  Next the new sound is stored as part of the Stage Setting itself!  This means that if you save or backup your Stage Settings to a USB drive or download one from the web all the of the objects that the Stage Settings needs are included within that file.  This includes custom tones and arpeggiators.
You can still save these items individually, that is useful if you want to use a custom tone later in a different Stage Setting.  As far as we know, the PX-5S is the first instrument to handle “Performances” and their dependent objects this way.

Stage Settings on the PX-5S

STAGE SETTINGS are the performance ready configurations that you’ll use when you play the PX-5S live.


The Stage Setting contains the setup information for up to 4 zones, the sounds and key ranges and also determines the function of all knobs, sliders and pedals. The PX-5S has 10 banks of 10 stage settings and they’re arranged as follows:

X-0 Acoustic Pianos / Layered pianos
X-1 Tine Pianos
X-2 Reed Pianos
X-3 Synth
X-4 Clav
X-5 Strings / Orchestra
X-6 Organ
X-7 HexLayer
X-8 Arpeggiated
X-9 Phrases / Drums

This means that within each bank you can experience a little bit of everything that the PX-5S has to offer.

The PX-5S at the SXSW Music Gear Expo


The Privia Pro PX-5S will make its public debut next week at SXSW. If you’re headed to Austin to see some of the music or you’re one of the musicians performing at SXSW this is your chance to be one of the first people in the world to play the PX-5S.  

Casio’s Mike Martin will be there and Casio artist Tom Brislin will be there and performing twice daily.   

For more information about the SXSW Music Gear Expo visit: