PX-5S Phrases and Arpeggiators – More than what you’d expect

In a Stage Setting on the PX-5S each of the 4 zones can either have a Phrase or an Arpeggio pattern.  Phrases are typically things like bass lines, or other short riffs.  Arpeggios are….well often what you’d expect.  In both cases however, the PX-5S takes these concepts in a new and powerful direction.

PX-5S Screen

Using the Data Manager software included with the you can import any .MID file and use it as a Phrase.  This opens up a world of possibilities.  Drum patterns are the most obvious, but there are also commercially available files such as Twiddlybits.  Included in their collections are all kinds of MIDI files including some that don’t contain notes, just controller information that are designed to modulate a filter.  If you have a DAW program, you can draw you own controller patterns and then import them to create all kinds of animation to your synth and keyboard parts.

The Arpeggiator on the PX-5S can also create animation.  Specifically along with firing off notes each step of the Arpeggiator can also simultaneously send controller information such as panning, filter or other controller information.  In fact the Arpeggiator can do this without sending note data at all so you can use the Arpeggiator just as a tempo synced modulation source.

Zones on the PX-5S can be used to trigger either internal sounds, external MIDI devices or both simultaneously so you can apply these techniques to other sounds on other gear.

Of course, many of the PX-5S factory Stage Settings take advantage of this technology, but be sure to watch the blog for downloads and other examples.


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